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12 Hour STREAM

2017-08-20 12:04:51 by AntonOxenuk

In about something like 4 hours I will be streaming painting live for 12 hours with the band Gypsy Danger. I am gonna be painting the cover illustration while the band is working on their music.

Come hang out with us at


2017-07-05 00:42:40 by AntonOxenuk

Hey guys, just so you know I recently happen to be very active on twitter posting sketches, WIPS etc so if you want to see more updates from check it out and give me a follow there!


I tend to be a talkative fragmented mess of a stream of consciousness type of person so bite-sized twitter format and lack of pressure to make a good post I find to be best for me. 


2016-12-09 02:49:21 by AntonOxenuk Streaming painting right now come hang out! Come watch me paint!


2016-01-29 06:44:21 by AntonOxenuk

Kept forgetting my last post was about commissions. Writing this so no one gets a wrong idea just in case – I am no longer taking quick sketch commssions. For the time being I am too busy for those, if anything changes I'll make an announcement.

I am open for more serious gig offers with good pay. These types of jobs are the only ones I have time for right now.

Other than that I was wondering, would you buy a print of my work? I am thinking of making some images into prints but so far I don't have much luck. What do you think?

Help me out guys!

2015-06-12 23:48:13 by AntonOxenuk


Follow me on Twitter

2015-05-11 02:47:04 by AntonOxenuk

In case you care for such things as seeing my sketches and updates on works in progress all of that is gonna be up on my Twitter feed. See you there!


2015-04-19 20:48:48 by AntonOxenuk

I was invited to join the #picollage project for picoday yesterday late evening. Let's see if I can turn out a decent image in time and not screw up the collab for everyone.


2014-09-13 00:30:05 by AntonOxenuk

Oh btw I forgot to put this up here:

I'm taking character commissions now. If you want me to create something for you, now you can totally message me anywhere and start the conversation!

Here's a link to a tumblr post with all the info or alternatively a dA journal with exactly the same text.


made an art thread

2013-09-06 22:31:19 by AntonOxenuk

check it out, feel free to ask questions etc.